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Do you get excited about bad guys, losers, and useless boyfriends? In this boring but busy life, with all the tendencies and drama, it is difficult for a girl to discover what she needs to do in order to find the good guy. The good news is that you do not need any dating service to find a good man, nor do you need to have an internet site that tells you what your name is! This simple step-by-step page will help you find the good guy for you!


Make a list of the qualities you want in the Boy of your dreams, and expect to find about half in any date you go. For example, a list may say “He must: 1) Work in or have a higher education, 2) Have a job, 3) Have a car, 4) Treat his family with respect, 5) Abstain from drug use. ” Choose the characteristics and qualities that are important to you, because this list will be a tool to better understand who you are dating.

After you make the list, open the door! Tell any and every boy that is interested in you that you are willing to go out with them, friends, best friends, and even acquaintances, but they should understand that they are not the only person you are dating. This means that there should be no jealousy, and nobody gets hurt in the process.

find the good guy

Schedule appointments with each of the men, and keep a mental list of those qualities running through your head during the appointment. When you get home, check the qualities you saw, and write the initials of the knight next to the mark so you can know who showed that particular quality.

Continue with appointments and complete the process for as long as you feel you need. Things can take more time than you think, and the relationship can take unexpected turns. This step by step is simply a springboard for you, so that you go out and go in the search. When you feel ready for a serious relationship, look at the list and see who has most of the qualities you want.

When you find the two best men, think about which of the qualities you want they may not have, and decide if you can handle the fact that they do not have those qualities. Can you handle the fact that you do not have a car? Can you handle the annoying things you do during dinner, such as talking with your mouth full, sipping when you drink, or talking a lot? If so, then do not discard it. Then think about how it makes you feel when you are with him. If the conversation and that “spark” are not there then obviously it’s not the right one for you. If they are, then perfect.

Search your heart, and make a choice, letting everyone else know that you are no longer in the market, at least not for a while. Explain that although you want them as friends, and enjoyed the dates, you are not interested in having a relationship with them.

Schedule a final date with the number one boy, and discuss with him how you feel and what your intentions are for the relationship in the future, and ask him if this relationship is going to go further. Talk to him about where you want him to go, and where he sees that he is going, and if it really is the right one, then you must be willing to wait a reasonable time.

find the right guy


  • If the appointment is a total bomb, then retire. Do not suffer through it, but politely apologize for the appointment and do not make plans for another!
  • Be honest and open! Honesty is the most important thing in any relationship. And it is true, if you are breaking up with some of the men, you can hurt them, but they will prefer to be hurt for a day or two, than to be in a relationship that is based on false emotions.
  • Do not cancel the first appointment unless something totally inappropriate happens. Love needs an opportunity to grow, and that will not happen if you cancel Guillermo from accounting just because he has those outdated lenses.
  • If you do not want a boy to drink, then do not look at a bar!
  • When looking for love, you need to look for the person inside, not the person outside. In this world today we focus a lot on physical appearance. William of accounting with old lenses can be your charming prince if you can overcome the superficial tendency to observe only the physical appearance. We girls like to have everything, and well, the boys are not so good at giving it to us, but they have good intentions, and they try.
  • Important! When you find the good guy, do not get involved in sexual activity, unless you know the risks involved.


  • Do not enter into a physical relationship unless you have talked about it. That does not mean you have to tell all the men you’re dating that you’re sleeping with boy number two, but make sure that boy number two understands that just because it’s physical does not mean anything else. Also understand that getting to the physical does not mean you have to enter into a serious relationship, emotionally involved.
  • Use common sense Public places are safe, and on the first date, they agree to meet at a restaurant. On the second or third appointment you must be able to trust them to pass through you.
  • Never let a man order for you. On the third date the gentleman should know you enough not to order your food.
  • Never have sex on the first night. This can lead to physical abuse.
  • Try to meet with only one friend from high school.
  • Always go to a public place when you meet for the first time, so if something bad happens, there will be witnesses of whatever happens.
  • Let one of your friends help you. Nobody knows you better than your best friend!
  • Never let your family get you a boy. They will look for a boy that sounds good to them, and not to you. So, if you decide that he is not the right boy for you, your parents will be upset because you never like their choices.
  • Try to find someone with whom you do not have a past, because if it is someone you went out with in high school, you may think that you have not changed. Then they will not even try.
  • On the first date, never invite him to your house. Wait until you know him a little better. Wait a couple more dates.
  • On the first date, do not make a double date with your best friend. This could lead to many problems. The first appointment is to know each other well.
  • Wait a couple of appointments later to make double appointments with friends.

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