Happy Rose Day Quotes For Girlfriend / Boyfriend :- Hi guys! Here we are for you after a long time, now today we have Happy rose day quotes for girlfriend and boyfriend.

So coming to the point we have made the collection of rose day quotes for you, quotes have been unique thing form many decades, earlier kings and queen use to present their love towards their lover by making any type of romantic quotation or saying, and today also we do these types of things, but today we use the easiest way like whatsapp, facebook, line, twitter, we chat and IMO.


We have told our content creator that they should make the quotes and saying from the most romantic novels and books, just to serve you our kindness and service to our visitors, we are providing you the latetst collection of this. This is very new in the market.  Roses have many colours in them and many variety in it, so each rose has its different value in it, like we say yellow rose is the sign of friend ship and all knows that red rose is the sign of love.

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Rose day Images with Quotes

So, continuing from the above on the topic rose day quotes for girlfriend, boyfriend and husband wife. Different rose has different value. People think that we should give and offer rose to our lover or love, but in my eyes you should offer rose to everyone who is close to your heart and important in your life, and according to their importance you should change the colour of it.

So it is not possible that to the rose of any colour, for that you may use or take the help of Google and type the colour of the rose in which you want it, so apart from this, below is the collection of saying and quotes which we have collected for you.


  • ‘Bunch of rose I am sending youYellow to show our happinessWhite to show our purityBlack to show our darkest secretsAnd red to show our love
    Happy Rose Day
  • Any 1 can love a Rose.But no 1 will love a leaf that.Made the Rose.Don’t love someone who is beautifulBut love the one who can make ur life beatiful.Happy Rose Day
  • ‘Don’t send yellow rose if you want a
    long everlasting relation; don’t give white
    rose if you want a romantic relation
    send a red rose which defines our beautiful relation.’Happy Rose day dear

Rose Day Quotes For Girlfriend / Boyfriend

So these are some images and quotes for you guys, so that you may share and send thse quotes with you loves once.


Rose Day Quotes For Girlfriend

  • My rose is red,Your eyes are blue,You love me,And I love u.Happy valentine’s day in advance.Happy Rose Day !!!
  •  Everything About You Is Interesting,Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Beauty,Your Scent And Your Company.I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face.I Love You My Precious Rose.
  •  I Vow To Always Be By You,Protect You And Shower You With My Love.You Are Precious Like A Fresh RoseAnd I Treasure Every Moment We Spent Together.I Look Forward To Great Future With You.

happy rose day my love

Rose Day Quotes for boyfriend

  • The Love I Feel For You Is EndlesLike The Vast Universe,It Still Continues To Grow In Intensity Day By DayThink About It ThroughoutThis Rose Day As You SavorEvery Feeling Of Love For Me
  • When I First Felt Love For You,I Knew It Would Be Special And Forever.This Rose Day I Wish To Honour YouWith My Love As I Always DoBecause You Are Mine.
  • Can You Imagine The World Without Roses?It Won�t Be The Same BecauseAn Important Part Of Its Beauty Will Be LackingThat Is What My Life Would Be Without YouHappy Rose Day.


Rose Day Quotes For Friends

  • Every night when I look at the moon,it reminds me of you.how you can see the same moon.It makes me sometimes sad because
    I can see the moon but I can,”t see you.
    Happy Rose Day!
  • Love can be expressed in many ways.One way I know is to send it across the
    Distance to the person who is reading this. Rose Day SMS for important persons….
  • This is a magical friendship rose.
    You must pass this rose to at least
    five friends within an hour of receiving it.
    After you do, make a wish and your
    fondest romantic wish will come true!
    Happy Rose Day

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